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NSCI 487 - Ecological Undergraduate Research Experience


Class Description

NSCI 487 is a one credit class that pairs undergraduate students seeking research experience in ecological or related sciences with graduate students, faculty, or researcher associates who need help with their projects. This is an exciting opportunity to get hands-on research experience while earning college credit. This is not only fun, but a great resume builder.

Undergraduate "Mentees"

Students will perform 45 hours of research work on their mentor's project. Before the end of the semester, students will write a paper and make a presentation describing their experience and the scientific context for their project. See Syllabus and FAQ for Students for more details and Research Opportunities page for current opportunities.


Mentors will provide information on their projects and the scientific process; train, supervise, and grade students on the work they perform for the project; grade the final paper; attend the final presentation session and grade their student's presentation. Graduate students who mentor an undergraduate may also register for one credit of supervised college teaching. See the Syllabus and FAQ for Mentors for details, then complete the Mentorship Proposal Form.

Mentors should contact Dr. Simon Tavener ( prior to the start of the semester for discussion of their projects, and for approval of their mentoring and assessement strategies.

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